R.I.P Terry Cartwright from Preston.

Terry Cartwright, a friend of mine and my partners personally, Denise my partner had been friends with Terry and his lovely wife Carol for more than 30 years, I had know Terry for around 14 years.

Terry and I met, on a motorcycle ride that went to Devils Bridge, and we immediately got on well, but then, that was terry, he go on well with everyone.

We went on various ride-outs together and chatted and laughed, and we both had the same riding style, sort of fast and fun, but careful as well.


It was Terry, who managed to convince his friend Denise to go on a ride-out with us, and as Denise and I were both free, it worked out so well, that I'm still with Denise some 10 years later!


Terry was so many things, he was a Father, Grandfather, but mostly he was kind and gentle, and fun.


I and NUKB and will miss him, but remember him in great fondness.


Terry Cartwright


Terry, looking good.

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